Guild is now 14/14 H 25man and 14/14 H 10man :) Good job everyone! Rank 10 on the server for 25man woot!

13/14 H 25man Still Recruiting!

Edit: Now 13/14 H! Paragons dead :)

Guild is now 12/14 H for 25man (previously 14/14 H 10man) and we are STILL recruiting!  Currently recruiting ranged DPS and 1 healer with at least an ilvl around 570 with legendaries. Prefer raiders to have at least a progression around 10/14 H, but anyone with less is welcome to apply. Raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 8-11:30pm EST. Current loot system is EPGP (does require an addon, points do not affect loot it’s just to simplify distribution of loot). Raiders are expected to show up on time ready to raid. Vent is required.

If you’re interested you can fill out an app on our forums or if you have more questions contact me in game (Veroicone#1375 or whisper me on Sookei), or contact any of the following (Dkdubs, Wermhat, or Leblue).


The night we killed H Siegecrafter Blackfuse I edited some audio together of our lovely guild master and raid leader Dkdubs ranting between pulls.

H Garrosh Dead + Recruiting!


Premeditated is 14/14 H 10man and currently recruiting for 25man prior to the release of Warlords of Draenor and Mythic raiding. Mainly interested in ranged DPS and a few healers. Have at least an ilvl around 570 with legendary cloak and around 10/14 H experience. All exceptional players are more than welcome to apply. Either head over to the forums or contact Dkdubs, Leblue, or Wermhat in game. Guild is a pretty friendly environment, but if you mess up repeatedly in raid you will be called out for it. Come prepared and ready to raid, and all should be well!

Guild currently raids Tuesday-Thursday  from 8pm-11:30pm EST. Please at least be around 18+ when applying and have vent.

Edit: 12/14 H for 25man already! Cleared 10/14 just in our first week :)

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